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20. Aug, 2014 - Wednesday

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AG to thrift shops: No kids' clothes with drawstrings - Poughkeepsie Journal

In 2003, New York banned the sale of children's clothing with drawstrings. They are banned on clothes below size 12 with a drawstring at the neck, but are permissible if they meet certain standards, such as having a short length and not having toggles....

Family Time: Sure-fire laundry tips to make your kids' clothes last longer - Wic

Taking care of your kids' clothing can be a nonstop, dirty business. All that running around, sliding into home plate and puddle jumping can wear out more than just your kids' shirts and pants. It can also leave parents feeling like they're constantly ...

This Simple Chip Could Turn All Your Clothes Into Activity Trackerssho - Gizmodo

These little chips may not look much, but in fact they're a new breed of super-small, super-cheap accelerometers that could make motion sensing ubiquitous—even in the clothes you wear. The chips, made by mCube, measure just a couple of millimeters ...


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