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24. Nov, 2014 - Monday

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Dress in Bright Clothes to Lull The Winter Blues - Lifehacker

As the days get shorter with less sunlight, our wardrobes often shift to darker colors. Our moods often get a bit darker. Cheer up a bit and wear bright colors instead of the typical grays and blacks. The Freelancers Union has some suggestions on ways ...

Post cracks down on skimpy clothes, facial hair -

Now it's called "Wear and Appearance of Uniforms and Civilian Attire," which really brings into focus the expansion of the policy to include not only soldiers in civilian clothes, but also spouses, kids, guests – anyone who comes on post. "The entire ...

Woman struggling on meager income asks for dryer, clothes and food for ... - And

This Christmas, her hope is to have a clothes dryer that works, some food and maybe some newer clothes to wear. She gets only $15 a month to help with her groceries, and she does not receive enough each month from Social Security to pay her bills....


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