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21. Oct, 2014 - Tuesday

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Clothes Mentor's first customers to get free gift cards - Arizona Republic

Clothes Mentor owners Ryan and Amy Malmquist said the store takes in clothes in "previously loved" condition. It differs from consignment shops in that the owners of items accepted for sale are paid up front rather than having to wait until those goods ...

The Stylin' Peacock: Shoppers shouldn't feel guilty for buying expensive clothes

Generally, the price of clothing has a direct correlation to not only the quality of the product but also a higher social status. The main draw in purchasing more expensive clothes is the idea or connotation that accompanies them. Men who work on Wall ...

From Fig Leaf to Ralph Lauren, Clothes Help Make Us - Jewish Daily Forward

This tension between how we talk about clothes and how we feel about them is largely a result of the fact that the public conversation on the subject almost exclusively takes place within the confines of fashion journalism. Women lack not only the ...


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